Project Description

ONE MORE NIGHT WITH THE FROGS addresses the issue of Change, the challenges associated with meaningful acceptance and implementation and the development of relevant breakthrough strategies. A selection of thought provoking yet well know stories and metaphors are used to aid greater understanding and engage individuals on a personal and organisational level. Whether you are held back by fear of failure, procrastination or unclear goals, you will be challenged, enlightened and empowered to make the important changes that will enhance organisational and personal life.

Middle managers in a health service provider organisation were reluctance to implement and model the agreed new ways of working.

‘One More Night With The Frogs’ and other relevant stories that reflected the attitudes and behaviours within the organisation were used to provide staff with an alternative way of examining their deep-seated fears and the consequences of their behaviours. The managers found it easier to acknowledge how their thinking and behaviour were misrepresenting their intent and went on to craft strategies for moving forward.

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